Documentation Overview

The West Kingdom infrastructure project uses open-source documentation and issue-tracking tools, so that a diverse group of volunteers with differing technical backgrounds can easily collaborate together.

These documentation pages were created using a tool called ReadTheDocs. Comprehensive documentation on how to create documentation projects exists in the ReadTheDocs getting started guide; however, it is not necessary to read everything presented there to edit these pages. In fact, you shouldn't need to read any of it--although reviewing the rules for the markdown syntax used might be helpful.

Editing Existing Pages

Members of the Westkingdom organization on GitHub can edit this documentation directly from the GitHub web interface for the westkingdom/westkingdom project.
To edit a documentation page, visit the docs folder, and click on the:

  • Click on the "edit" pencil icon.
  • Edit the page using the Markdown editor.
  • Type in a comment describing what you changed.
  • Click the Commit button.

People who are not members of the Westkingdom organization can still fork the westkingdom/westkingdom project and submit a pull request.

Adding a New Page

From the docs folder, add a new page by clicking on the control westkingdom / docs / + near the top of the page. Then, edit the file mkdocs.yml, and add the new page to the appropriate place in the list of pages.


If you make a documentation change, and it does not show up, you can check the build status on the West Kingdom Documentation Builds Page.

You need to be a West Kingdom ReadTheDocs admin to access this page. Ask another admin to add you if you will be doing a lot of documentation updates.